Effluent Services

Regular cleaning ensures all waste management systems are kept in good working order, preventing solids building up. If this is not carried out regularly, your tank could contaminate the soak-away adjacent to land or watercourse.

Cesspit and Septic tank emptying

Where mains drainage is unavailable, a septic tank or cesspit system is one of the options available to you for sewage collection. However efficient your sewage installation, there is inevitable build up of sludge that must be removed and disposed of in accordance with specific environmental legislation.

The Honeywagon Company can offer regular services on cesspit and septic tank emptying.

Drain unblocking and High Pressure Jetting

The Honeywagon Company offers a complete drain cleaning service that can be adapted to suit most customers’ needs. Blockages can be dealt with in two ways: drain rods will be used initially and then if necessary, high pressure jetting can deal with more severe blockages.

High pressure jetting is a cleaning process that uses clean water, under high pressure, to propel a hose through a drain or sewer. This causes most blockages to disintegrate and then flushes the drain without damaging any material.

Cleaning Services

The Honeywagon Company uses surface cleaners and pressure washing equipment to clean paved or concrete areas on domestic sites.

Specialist high-pressure jets and machine head units are used to clean your drives, paths and patios removing dirt and grime to bring your surface back to life.